Meet the Team
Hi, I'm Cassie co- owner of Exclusively Paws. I've always wanted to work with animals and fortunately I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to train as a doggy stylist. I have been grooming since 2014 and I have loved every moment of it. I've never stopped looking for ways to improve my grooming skills therefore I attend seminars as often as I can to keep up with the latest trends. I'm also trained in doggy first aid. I have two dogs of my own, Heidi an elderly Labrador/Border Collie and Kara very lively German Spitz
My name is Lisa and I am co-owner of Exclusively Paws. I am the proud owner of Bruce (an American Bulldog x Rottweiler) and Henry (A Staffordshire Bull Terrier). Bruce’s alter ego is Scooby Doo because he is the soppiest, silliest, most loving dog I have ever known. Henry is convinced he is human and both my boys treat life like a gift. They love everyone whether they have two legs or four! I have been grooming since 2013 and can not imagine doing anything else. I have wanted to spend my life with dogs since I was just a little girl and am truly blessed to be living my dream.
My name's Jessica and I'm the newest member of Exclusively Paws joining at the start of August 2018. I myself have a rescue dog called Saxon who is a husky X chihuahua from Romania. He is the goofiest, smart and biggest diva you will meet. I also care for my mum's dog Harley who is a Labrador and the soppiest old man you'll meet. My grooming career began 2 years ago as an apprentice with a passion for dogs and a love for art. Dog grooming combines both those passions and I cherish every bond I make with our furry clients. Every dog has a personality and surprises me every single day. I'm blessed to do my job and be apart of a supportive and loving team! Dogs have always been a driving force and constant prescence in my life and I know they will never change for the years to come.